CC41-A fake HM-10 Bluetooth module, let’s get it working!

By | August 12, 2018

How to get the CC41-A to work with your applications.

I have bought several of these fake HM-10 modules, called CC41-A

Left one is the original HM-10 module, in the middle is the fake CC41-A one.

Anyways, besides it is a fake one, the major problem i bumped into, was the fact It would not connect at all to my Ipad, Android devices or PC’s.

How did I get it to work?

I have read a lot about these modules, most of them re-flash them with the HM10 Firmware:

Not that flashing is a problem, but is this really needed for my applications?
I just need a transparent device that communicates on 115200bd.

The answer was quite simple.
The CC41-A is not configured to accept pairing from factory, that’s why I kept Pairing rejects from all these devices.

A simple command is fixing this, getting the device in another state so it would accept pairing requests.

With a simple Terminal programĀ  set to 9600bd (default baudrate, I use the demo version of Docklight) just type the following command:


\r is Carriage Return (decimal 013, hex 0D), and \n is Line Feed (decimal 010, Hex 0A)

You should get an answer back like: OK

That’s all!, cycle power on the module and you will see your devices will connect to them.
If any password is asked it is: 000000 (6 times zero)


Other command’s you want to use are:

Changing device name:


Where “newname” is the new device name

for example: AT+SETNAMEMyBluetoothModule\r\n (Power Cycle required)

In device discovery you will see: MyBluetoothModule


Changing baudrate:

The last thing


Where X is the new identifier of a baudrate.

1 = 1200bd
2 = 2400bd
3 = 4800bd
4 = 9600bd (default)
5 = 19200bd
6 = 38400bd
7 = 57600bd
8 = 115200bd
9 = 230400bd

for example: AT+BAUD8\r\n (Power Cycle required)

This will change the baudrate to 115200bd


Have fun!!!

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