EU1KY Antenna Analyzer

By | June 22, 2018

I have always wanted A good analyzer for HF up to VHF (2m)

In the past I have build many Antenna Analyzers started with:

Antan Analyzer

VK5JST Antenna Analyzer

Toghether with Jarek SP2SWJ we have built the BIGVNA MAX5 & MAX3

Big VNA Max 5

Max 3

Some weeks ago while I was surfing the web for projects I came across the:
Antenna Analyzer designed by EU1KY
The software is branched out and extended with many options by Wolfgang DH1AKF.


This analyzer is based on the:
STM32F746NG Discovery (disco) development board.

The development board is available from Farnell, Mouser, RS-Online etc..

The project is quite easy to build. The only thing you have to build yourself.. if you want to go for the lowest costs is the the frontend PCB.

The specs of the analyzer are amazing, the frequency range runs from 100KHz > 600MHz!!!

You can also look on Ebay, there are lot of listings of these pcb’s even pre-assembled.

In the mean time I made several of these Analyzers with great succes!

5 thoughts on “EU1KY Antenna Analyzer

  1. DH1AKF

    Thank you very much for publishing !
    Don’t forget: All my software work is hobby, without payment.
    73, Wolfgang, DH1AKF

  2. Lawrence

    Very nice looking 3D printed enclosure. Is there any chance you would publish the code for the enclosure design or even just the stl files so I could print one for my analyzer?

  3. Lawrence VE7IT

    Thankyou for the stl files… a beautiful design. What cad system did you use to build the 3d models? scad, freecad or one of the cloud based cads?


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